10 Best Grub Killer For Lawns [UPDATED]

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I know some people against using chemical solutions, especially if it’s things like grubs.

Then solve this puzzle! What will you do? If you unexpectedly figure out your lawn is grieving and the reason behind grub worms.

This type of situation will not be left over a bunch of choices for you without going to search the market’s best grub killer for lawns.

Although before reading the whole review, it’s important to know that all the grub killers are not chemical products.

However, you’ll see a significant change to your lawn grass color as it’ll fade with mass soil loosen and lawn withers if grubs start feast the grass’s roots.

To make your battle real simple with all these nasty grub worms, I discussed all the most suitable lawn grub killers here.

My top choices at a glance:

  • BioAdvanced 700740M Grub KillerBest Overall
  • Bayer Crop Science Complete Insect Killer – Best Budget-friendly
  • Scotts GrubEx1 Season Long Grub Killer – Most Premium
  • St. Gabriel Organics Milky Spore Lawn Spreader Mix
  • St. Gabriel Organics 80080-P Grub Control
  • Bonide (BND60360) – Insect and Grub Control
  • Bayer Crop Science 700280B Complete Insect Killer
  • Spectracide Triazicide Acre Plus Insect Killer
  • Roundup for Lawns Bug Destroyer
  • Bayer Season Long Grub Control

1. BioAdvanced 700740M Grub Killer

BioAdvanced 700740M Grub Killer

Bayer Advanced Grub Killer can get relieved of you all the grub worms within just 24 hours. This grub killer can also damage viruses, parasites, wigglers, scorpions, and many other insects.

If you notice your lawn started damage by nasty little grass eaters, go and take fast action with this Bayer Advanced Grub Killer. Applying this grub killer will come in action within overnight results into your lawn.

European crane flies which larva usually feed in spring and summer can also be killed within 24 hours by this BioAdvanced 700740M Grub Killer.

The covering area of this 10-pound grub killer is 5000 square feet.

Moreover, It’s my suggestion not to use this grub killer in your garden or kitchen yard.

  • No.1 selling grub killer on Amazon

  • Also can apply to viruses, parasites, wigglers, and scorpions

  • Overnight fast result

  • Earthworms will be affected by applying this one

  • Not garden-friendly

2. Bayer Crop Science Complete Insect Killer

Bayer Crop Science Complete Insect Killer


This one is my most budget-friendly pick grub killer that saves your lawn from all the creepy worms.

This all-in-one Bayer Crop Science Complete Insect Killer works on over 30 pests. In bonus addition, it also can kill the mosquito.

It’ll make you worry-free by its long 90 days protection capableness. Moreover, it also starts work within 24 hours and you’ll amaze by its speedy action.

The coverage capacity of the whole 10 pounds pack is an area of 10,000 square feet.

The most exciting part of this grub killer is that it’s rainproof means that it starts working after 60 minutes and even if ran it’ll not damage its effectiveness.

  • A quality product with a reasonable price

  • 90 days guaranteed effectiveness

  • Can kill various harmful insects

  • Earthworms are not safe from this grub killer

3. Scotts GrubEx1 Season Long Grub Killer

Scotts GrubEx1 Season Long Grub Killer


No need to remain quiet until your lawn got contaminated with mass sarcastic grubs – This Scotts GrubEx1 Season Long Grub Killer also works as a preventer.

The easy spraying facility with a bunch of insects killing capacity made this one our most premium pick.

If you spray it in spring or early summer (as prescribed), your lawn will get 120 days long protection.

Furthermore, strictly observe the grass-roots regularly and routinely. If you find your lawn grass root is affected by grubs, immediately take action with this grub killer.

  • It can kill a lot of soil insects

  • 120 days long protection against the grubs

  • Prevents root damage

  • This one is not vegetable garden-friendly

4. St. Gabriel Organics Milky Spore Lawn Spreader Mix

St. Gabriel Organics Milky Spore Lawn Spreader Mix


This milky spore powder another great grub killer, which is mainly a species of natural bacteria. It kills the grub worms before they develop into stubborn and destructive adults.

Unlike other grub killers, this one is not only effective when you spray it in early summer or spring; it works wonderfully on winter seasons and the spores population increase yearly, providing 10 years long protection.

This organic grub killer is good to go in any waterways. Besides, the effective sprays facility of this one is a 2500 square feet area.

Lastly, I’ll say it’s a great organic grub killer that will work slowly but surely in any type of lawn insect. If you’re searching for a product that will be effective long on your lawn, then go for this one.

  • A beneficial organic grub killer

  • It won’t affect any beneficial insects

  • 10 years protection from grub killers

  • Comparatively high pricy

  • As it is organic, so act a little bit slow

5. St. Gabriel Organics 80080-P Grub Control

St. Gabriel Organics 80080-P Grub Control


Another surpassing organic product from St. Gabriel, which assists you in killing the grubs and all destructive lawn insects.

It works fine to destroy the larvae of Japanese beetles and kills them before their development into voracious adults that will eat all the roots of your grass.

The most exciting part of this product is it can cover effectively 7000 square feet and last up to 15-20 years.

Since it is organic so no need to worry about toxicity – But it’ll be best if you keep away your pets for some time from the lawn.

  • It won’t kill any propitious insects

  • Markets best organic grub killer

  • 15-20 years effective protection

  • Relatively slow action from other chemical grub killers

6. Bonide (BND60360) – Insect and Grub Control

Bonide (BND60360) - Insect and Grub Control


Bonide works fine on any type of lawn that is highly affected by grubs.

In addition, it also can kill 40 different types of dangerous insects. This grub killer works fast and rapidly after a quick application on the lawn.

You’ll see an overnight change within 24 hours and the effectiveness won’t be expired within 120 days.

It’s effortless to use this grub killer. Just spread the product in every part of your lawn properly – to make this job real simple, you can use a fertilizer spreader. Water lightly into your lawn after the whole process is done.

As it’s a chemical solution that comes with highly toxic elements so never forget to keep your pets away after application.

  • It comes into action fast and rapidly

  • Can kill a variety of insects

  • Easy applying process

  • It’ll impact a bad effect on good insects

7. Bayer Crop Science 700280B Complete Insect Killer

Bayer Crop Science 700280B Complete Insect Killer


This insect killer took place in my top 10 list because of its easy application facilities. The ready-to-spray features allow you to spray it anytime in anywhere.

This liquid is works fast and can kill insects 24 hours after application. Besides, like other grub killers, it also provides 3 months of protection from any type of insect.

Furthermore, your home interior will be safe by applying this one. It’ll halt all the coming interior insects by poisoning them and ultimately, you’ll find a clean and evil insect-free home and lawn.

The covering area of this liquid grub killer is quite impressive. It can cover an area of 5000 square feet.

  • Easy to apply in all corners of the lawn

  • It can kill the various type of insects

  • Beneficial against all the surface and soil insects

  • It’ll damage the beneficial soil insect’s life

  • Not applicable on vegetable gardens

8. Spectracide Triazicide Acre Plus Insect Killer


This one works perfectly to kill any insects that can damage your lawn beauty.

Spectracide Triazicide Acre Plus Insect Killer can hit the grubs fast by applying it quickly. So when you see your lawn is getting start affected or your lawn grass-root got damaged, never wait until implementing it.

The ideal time to treat this grub killer is late July and early October. You can apply this one easily by fertilizer spreader.

If your lawn is a real giant one, then you’ve good news. This 35.2-Pound insect killer can spread approximately 44,000 square feet of lawn.

Make sure you water lightly all around your lawn properly after completing the spreading process of the grub killer. Moreover, always keep away your pets for a while after the application.

  • Best semi-annual grub killer

  • It kills a lot of insects and works excellent against grasshoppers

  • It can cover a large area of 44,000 square feet

  • It’ll kill all the beneficial earthworms and insects

  • Not extensive period protection compared to others

9. Roundup for Lawns Bug Destroyer


I found common anxiety for the grub killer buyer that mixing thoughts about their purchase product regarding the issue that is it safe for their plants! Here is your solution Roundup for Lawns Bug Destroyer is the perfect product that will kill all the grubs without affecting your lawn beauty.

Besides, your landscape and flowers are also safe from this grub killer.

Like most grub killers, it’s also easy to apply; just go with a spreader and apply it. Make sure you water lightly instantly after application.

I must say this is a great reasonably priced grub killer among the list that can kill over 100 insects. It comes with 10 pounds pack and can cover 2,500 square feet area.

  • Effective against 100+ insects

  • Lawn friendly

  • Suitable to use in the flower garden
  • Like other chemical grub killers, it may kill beneficial insects

  • Not vegetable garden-friendly

10. Bayer Season Long Grub Control

Bayer Season Long Grub Control


I will end my review with an effective grub killer from Bayer Season Long Grub Control.

This unique and patented formula-made grub killer is one of the best creations from Bayer’s house. It is strong enough to kill a lot of insects and help to prompt stronger roots with thicker lawns.

You can pull out the best from this product by applying this from spring through late summer.

It can cover a huge lawn of approximately 1,0000 square feet. Also, the application procedure is quite simple; you just need a rotary or drop spreader. Remember you need to water the lawn thoroughly after application.

  • Aid root development and thick lawn

  • All year protection

  • 1,0000 square feet coverage area

  • Harmful for beneficial insects

How to Choose The Best Grub Killer For Lawns?

How to Choose A Best Lawn Grub killers?

It’s not easy to dig out the best grub killer for your lawns among all the markets. To make this job really easy I will suggest you follow my 3 simple tips.

I hope by following all of these, you may able to find the perfect grub killer you’re searching for your lawn.

Know Types of Lawns Grub Killers

Before purchasing a grub killer, make sure which type you would love to go for your lawn; you’ll find 2 types of grub killers in the market. These are granular and liquid.

Granules are the most common type and easy to use in the affected area via a spreader.

From my experience, I can say the best lawn grub killers won’t clump together too much nor be too powdery. This characteristic of a good grub killer makes this easy for even distribution.

You just need to water them lightly as they dissolver into the soil where it comes to touch with the cruel grubs.

On the other hand, a liquid grub killer comes as either a concentration that you have to dilute before applying or a ready-to-use grub spray. Like the Bayer Crop Science 700280B listed above, some concentrate bottles come with a special attachment to make it simple for you to attach your hose.

Remember spraying grub worm killer over your grass is really quick and easy to do. But it may result in less precise in getting balanced coverage over all areas, so it’s good to be careful when applying it.

Organic Grub Killer Vs. Chemical Grub Killer

I found multiple best lawn grub killers use chemical pesticides as their primary active elements.

They are much effective in killing all the disturbing grubs and various insects. So they work well to killing many insects if you’re a sufferer of multiple insects as well as grubs.

But wait! I found there are also some disadvantages as well.

First of all, sometimes they may cause to damage the life of some beneficial organisms like wigglers and bees.

And they’re poisonous to more than just insects. So you should be careful applying them beside waterways. And you usually have to remain for the treated area to evaporate before allowing children and pets back onto the lawn.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many effective organic grub control products available in the market. But, if you’re experiencing Japanese beetle grubs, then it’s worth considering Gabriel Organics Milky Spore. This will do the task of defending your lawn without the necessity for insecticides. And organic grub killers work slowly but surely, and their existing capacity is much longer than chemical ones.

Grub Killer or Grub Preventer?

Some pesticides kill all insects they come into touch with after they are applied but only have short-term effects. Simultaneously, other pesticides have a surplus action to protect an area for a more extended period.

The best grub killer for lawns consolidates both capabilities. They are giving you quick results, killing any bug that’s active in your lawn— keeping them off for the rest of the season or more.

When & How To Apply Grub Killer?

When & How To Apply Grub Killer?

No matter which product you choose, it’s essential to implement it immediately once you see grub infestation signs to decrease the destruction they do to your lawn.

I found most of the products work effectively only when the juvenile grubs are actively feeding beside the soil’s surface. It’s a common period between summer, with the first week in August being an expected time to attempt control. But it always varies depending on your region and product.

While the grubs turn mature and warmth start to drop later in late September, they dig deeper into the soil and make them harder to kill.

So applying all the pesticides too early in the year is not a wise step. Because it may cause breaking down all the chemicals before the grub eggs have had an opportunity to hatch.

The next common but most importantly after implementing granules to the soil, just remember to water the field sufficiently to dissolve into the ground perfectly.

If you follow all the instructions written in the product’s manual, then all of these grub killers are not a matter of health concern. But it’s always a great practice to be extra cautious about handling any toxic elements. For your child and pet safety, let your lawn dry before allowing them.

Another great suggestion from my end is that try to avoid using them when windy. Especially with a spray as it will flow all into your fields that you don’t want to deal with.

Checking Procedure For Lawn Grubs

If you presume that you are experiencing the grub problem, it’s best to check during spring as it’ll give you a better sense of their number.

To test the root area properly, cut your lawn grass via shovel or spade and roll back the turf. Now it’s time to count the quantities of the grubs between 1 sq. ft. Continuously do this job until your satisfaction in different areas and take an average note. 

If you find less than 06 grubs per square feet, then my experience says it’s not going to happen a major problem later in summer for your lawn. Otherwise, if the average number is 06 or above, then carefully observe the situation and be ready to fight with all the nasty grubs.

There are also some great tricks to check out your lawn is affected by the grubs or not. You can apply soapy water around the edges of the affected area. If grubs exist there they should surface 10 minutes or so. There is also a wet towel/carpet method you can apply to know your lawn condition. You can also apply it by seeing the suggested video below.

Let’s watch a video review from Lawn Solutions Australia to understand more about this one –


Grubs are the most dangerous evil for your beautiful lawn. If you’re facing grub activity, such as Japanese beetle grub, curl grub, army grub, or chafer grub, make a quick bold step against these.

Besides, it’s not only grubs that hurt your lawn. All the leaving big rust-colored pieces of dying grass will attract creatures like moles, raccoons, and skunks. They will try to tear up your lawn as they can feed on them.

So what’s the best grub killer for lawns for me?

Honestly, in my opinion, BioAdvanced 700740M Grub Killer is best overall for me for its quick action with extended existence capability.

And if you don’t have a budget problem and want to pick the most premium one, you can obviously go for Scotts GrubEx1 Season Long Grub Killer

If you still have any doubt, scroll up and read my full review once again and feel free to know your opinion in the comment section.

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